In BCS, Boston College Is Tops Academically

Northwestern, Penn State round out top three; Texas, Michigan State are among worst of football powers.

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For those of you who still believe the grades of student athletes should count for something, here's a Bowl Championship Series ranking for you. Higher Ed Watch took the top 25 schools in the BCS and rearranged them based on the football team's academic performance.

The top five in the academic rankings (followed by BCS ranking):

1. Boston College (24)

2. Northwestern (23)
3. Penn State (8)
4. Cincinnati (12)
5. Ball State (22) The bottom five:

25. Oregon (17)

24. Texas (3)
23. Michigan State (18)
22. Georgia Tech (14)
21. Florida (2) Sort of damning. And who would have thought that Penn State was the place to go for both academic rigor and sports domination?

Compare the rest of the schools to the NCAA BCS standings (and get a more detailed methodology).