Six Southern U. Students Arrested After Alleged Hazing Ritual

Two marching band members hospitalized after being beaten with wooden plank.

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Police have arrested six Southern University students in connection with a ritual that left two marching band members hospitalized, the Advocate reports. The November 25 incident allegedly involved band members who were repeatedly beaten with a two-by-four as initiation into the marching band's unofficial French horn fraternity—"Mellow Phi Fellow."

According to the police report, the victims were blindfolded, stripped of their shirts, doused with water, and struck numerous times with open hands. They then allegedly were beaten with the wooden plank. A third victim was not hospitalized but reported being struck more than 50 times by the board.

Those arrested Tuesday have been accused of "ritualistic torture" and charged with aggravated second-degree battery and ritualistic acts. Police anticipate a seventh arrest. The Advocate's story offers no comments from any of the arrested students.