Yale Marching Band Suspended

Director says Berlin Wall display during halftime was "completely inappropriate and highly offensive."


For the super-special Yale-Harvard football game last weekend, the Yale Precision Marching Band rolled out a super-special, profanity-laced replica of the Berlin Wall—and was swiftly reprimanded for the "completely inappropriate and highly offensive" display, the Yale Daily News reports.

On Monday, the band director sent an E-mail to the group scolding the students for the centerpiece of the halftime show that portrayed Harvard as a Communist empire. (Get it? They have a fun czar, those wealth-redistributing socialists.)

"I was personally embarrassed and offended, and professionally compromised," the E-mail read. "I am suspending the Yale Precision Marching Band from all activities and performances, effective as of this very moment."

Although the specifics of the profanity weren't disclosed by the News, at least one indignant member of the Harvard band found the display off-putting—and not just the words written on the wall. There was also the giant phallic missile that accompanied the show. "When I initially heard about the suspension, I thought it was as a result of that giant, ugly, penislike thing that tore down the wall," said one indignant Harvard senior.