University of California Regents Approve Enrollment Cut

8-2 vote occurred one day after California State University system OK'd 10,000 student cut of its own.

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In the wake of statewide budget problems, the University of California regents approved an enrollment cut, the Daily Californian reports. The regents voted 8 to 2 Wednesday that without additional state funding, the 191,000-student system would have to reduce its number of students by an unspecified amount. The UC 2009-10 budget calls for an additional $815 million in revenue.

The announcement could be a clarion call to state legislators about the status of higher education in California. "What we have to do as regents is clearly state to the public and the legislature and governor what it takes to run this university at a level that is acceptable," said Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, who voted for the motion. UC president Mark Yudof added, "No one wants to curtail the opportunity, but how do we keep absorbing 5,000 more possible students a year when no one is giving us the money to pay for them?"

The UC's announcement came a day after the California State University system—the country largest high education institution—confirmed it would cut enrollment by 10,000 students.