Yale Casino Night Canceled

School officials believe the event—played with fake money—violates Connecticut antigambling laws.

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Yale's Casino Night—the boozy, formal affair organized by students each fall—was canceled this weekend after school officials determined the event likely violated Connecticut's Act Repealing Las Vegas Night Games, enacted in 2003, the Yale Daily News reports. Casino Night, which features fake money gambled on roulette tables and card games, has been a Yale fixture since the 1990s.

The antigambling law in question also prohibits casinolike high school graduation parties and prom nights. "Despite intense efforts made by the General Counsel's office, it eventually became clear that we would have to obtain a specific exemption from the state to host Casino Night or run the risk of being in violation of Connecticut state law," said a school official. "It simply wasn't possible to get such an exemption in time."

Not all was lost, though. Despite the disappointment ("Seriously? Why is Connecticut so lame?" one student commented to the YDN), Yale students were still able to cobble together a respectable replacement party titled "Elite" and billed as "the sickest party planned in 24 hours that Yale has ever seen."