Election Day Turns Ugly for Some

Mutilated pumpkins and threatening graffiti follow historic vote.


Election Day was not all puppies and unicorns for everyone:A small portion of the anti-Obama minority vented their disappointment, anger, and frustration on pumpkins and campus structures this week.

At Middle Tennessee State University , a pumpkin bearing President-elect Obama's face was found stabbed, covered in red paint, and hanging from a dorm Tuesday evening. Police were inundated with phone calls about the disturbance, and the incident was later filed as malicious mischief, the Sidelines reports

Police from North Carolina State University are investigating threatening and racist anti-Obama messages left Wednesday in the "Free Expression Tunnel" on campus, the Technician reports. Officials have already painted the tunnel white to cover the messages.

The Baylor president sent out an E-mail Wednesday condemning Election Day conflicts on campus, which included burning Obama signs, a verbal altercation that required police response, as well as a noose found hanging at 9 a.m. Tuesday, the Lariat reports. The Baylor police chief says they have talked to at least one person with information on the noose incident.