Penn State Fans Cry Tears of Pepper Spray

Huge Nittany Lion win sends thousands to the streets.

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Police officer escorts a Penn State fan during a disturbance on campus after Penn State defeated Ohio State in football on Saturday.

The highly hyped Penn State-Ohio State game this past weekend left ecstatic Nittany Lions crying in State College Saturday night, thanks perhaps in part to pepper spray police used to quell the crowd of 4,000 raucous celebrants that converged downtown, the Daily Collegian reports. By the way, it wasn ' t even a home game.

Penn State's 13-6 win inspired hordes of fans to take to streets, "pounding on cars, tearing out bushes, and pulling down streetlights." State College police said fans tore down two lampposts and at least two parking meters during the night. At least six cars along Beaver Avenue were damaged, including a police cruiser, police said.

No one has been arrested—yet—but authorities have said they expect to make several arrests over the next weeks. Although officials are still calculating the damage, repairs could cost the city around $10,000.

As is often the case when police use pepper spray or tear gas, students weren't too happy—especially the guy who decided to pour milk into his eyes: "This is not a good look for me."