Boston to Better Enforce Tailgate Rules at Harvard-Yale Game

Party must end at kickoff, and U-Haul trucks and kegs won't be allowed.

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The city of Boston is preparing to fully enforce tailgating restrictions at the Harvard-Yale game this year, hoping to make good on a promise issued after 2004's game that left several students hospitalized with alcohol poisoning, the Harvard Crimson reports. The move would bring the game closer to compliance with regulations at other Boston sports events.

Under the rules, tailgating can begin two hours before the game and must end at kickoff. Previously, partyers could continue to ignore that pesky football game until halftime. The rules also include a ban on U-Haul trucks, kegs, and other devices that "promote the rapid consumption of alcohol."

On the flip side, Harvard is loosening restrictions on where alcohol can be sold. Previously, alcohol could be bought only in designated, roped-off areas, while now, houses can serve wine and beer (but not from kegs).

The response has been unsurprisingly mixed. Some Yalies have called the change "tragic," while at least one Harvard football player thinks more people will be apt to watch the game. "It's a good policy. We get tons of people down by the stadium, but the old tailgate rules kept them from making it in the actual stadium," he said. "We've got the horse to the water, it's just drinking too much."