Central Florida Student Arrested After Dorm Room Explosion

Police report student was allegedly cooking amphetamines in his room.

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A University of Central Florida freshman who was arrested Monday after an explosion in his dorm room has been released on bond for $25,000, the Central Florida Future reports. Police initially reported the student had set up a meth lab in his room, although the student says he was using a hot plate to produce the prescription amphetamine Adderall. According to the police report, the student admitted he has a drug-abuse problem and was experimenting to "produce his own supply for his personal use."

The Sunday explosion prompted the university to evacuate the entire dorm.

The student faces two drug charges and one charge of arson and has been banned from student housing.

The scene from his room, as described in the Future:

Police observed shattered glass along the bathroom sink and floor of the bedroom, as well as boxes of red matches and scattered matches on the carpet. Also on the sink was an unknown red substance covered on the glass, and a hot plate with a humidifier connected via several tubes.

The report continued that police noticed several jars containing the substance found on the glass, as well as open bottles of prescription pills and razor blades on McKee's desk. McKee wasn't in the room when police arrived, but entered shortly thereafter.