Thousands of Copies of Student Newspaper Go Missing

UTEP paper is lifted off racks after it hints at homecoming queen's supposed scandalous past.

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The Prospector, the University of Texas-El Paso's student newspaper, says about 3,500 copies of the publication were stolen after it published a front-page story about the homecoming queen's quick resignation. The original story reported that while the paper was investigating several allegations that the homecoming queen may have worked at a gentlemen's club, the student resigned from her post two days after being elected. The student told the Prospector she did not work at the club but declined to answer whether she had worked there in the past. The gentlemen's club also declined to comment.

The Prospector received a barrage of criticism for the story, which accused the paper of passing judgment and asking for the queen's resignation.

The school has deemed the missing papers a "malicious prank," but the publication's adviser and editors want the "heinous act" to be treated by police as a theft.