John Edwards's Speaking Fee Reduced $15,000

After affair was made public, Edwards's lecture stock went down.

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Aside from all those nights at the Beverly Hills Hotel, how much does an extramarital affair cost a politician? If you're John Edwards speaking at Indiana University, it's $15,000. The senator, in what will be one of his first appearances since he canceled all his speaking appearances before the election, has agreed to speak at IU for $35,000—a substantial decrease from what he was offered before news that he had had an affair broke, the Indiana Daily Student reports. Before, Edwards was pulling in $65,000 for some speeches.

Edwards plans to speak November 11 about how the election will affect the country's economic and political future. While university officials have declared it a "hands-down win" for the campus, some students think even the discounted price is too much. "He was campaigning under a complete lie, and I don't think our money should be paying for him to come here," said a junior who is chairman of IU Students for John McCain. "I don't think he deserves a penny, especially for the fact that he's a millionaire. We don't need to pay that man to speak here."