Burrito Joint Sponsors Montana History Class

Professor, short on funds, lobbies restaurant for $250.the


In response to a paper and toner shortage for the history department's copy machine, a University of Montana professor turned to a local burrito joint to sponsor his class. El Diablo donated $250 to the department in exchange for a shout-out at the beginning of the class and having its logo projected on a screen and stickered on the course syllabus for Kyle Volk's survey class covering American history to 1896.

Not surprisingly, the university was having none of that. The deal violates school policy, and school officials forced Volk to de-advertise his course materials. Officials stopped short of punishing him, calling it a "good-faith mistake," and the department head deemed it "a witty way to draw attention to the plight" of the department. Volk, after all the fuss, told the paper, "This school and schools like it are going to have to think about more creative ways to compete, and whether or not we like it, that's going to mean more money."