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September 2008

Ike-Related Power Outages Prompt Student Sit-in

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Students at Miami University in Ohio organized a Monday sit-in on the president's lawn, protesting the return to classes Tuesday, chanting "How can we study if we can't see?" and "No power, no class." The campus had not had power since Sunday, after a Hurricane Ike-related windstorm knocked out ...

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natural disasters
Miami University
University of Louisville
Purdue University
Indiana University

North Carolina Schools Brace for Hanna

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While everyone worried what Hurricane Gustav would do to New Orleans, it was Baton Rouge, home of Louisiana State University and Southern University, that bore the brunt of the destructive storm. At LSU, wind speeds of 92 mph and a tornado on campus destroyed roofs, downed trees, and caused ...

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Louisiana State University
University of Arkansas
University of North Carolina
NC State
Duke University
College of William and Mary

RNC Student Arrest Roundup

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About 280 people were detained after protests outside the Republican National Convention on Monday turned to rioting:

Along with two University of Kentucky student photographers and a Kentucky Kernel photo adviser who were arrested and charged with rioting, police also arrested and charged with ...

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University of Central Florida
University of Wisconsin
University of Iowa
University of Kentucky
Republican National Convention

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