Idaho Sacks Skimpy Cheerleading Uniforms

After receiving complaints from parents and alumni, the spirit squad's midriff-baring outfits get switched out for shorts and tank tops.

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University of Idaho officials have scrapped its cheerleaders' skimpy outfits from the first two weeks of the season and have replaced them with slightly more modest attire since the school's September 13 game against Western Michigan, the Argonaut reports. The midriff-baring, two-piece getups of yore were replaced with a black tank top and shorts ensemble after the school received complaints from parents, alumni, and community members that the uniforms weren't appropriate, said Bruce Pitman, vice provost of student affairs.

The uniform change also contributed to the resignation of the spirit squad's coach, who cited family obligations and conflict with the school administration over the vision for the team. The axed uniforms, which cost between $4,500 and $4,600, were part of her new "bold" vision. "I push the envelope to rock the crowd," Cassie Helm said. "I guess Idaho is not ready for that."