Auburn Dean: Don't Boo Home Team

Official sends e-mail asking students to behave themselves for Saturday's football game.


Even if Auburn football's offense looks as spectacularly bad as it did in last week's 3-2 win over Mississippi State, the university's dean is begging students to be nice to the home team.

In an E-mail to students, he entreats, "Please join me by agreeing to demonstrate your support for, and not criticism of, our football team. That means no booing!" He continues, with a strong vote of confidence, "Remember, the team isn't trying to lose the gameā€”the players work hard all spring and during fall camp to be ready to compete in the S.E.C. Let's show our appreciation for their hard work by encouraging them with loads enthusiasm!"

Dean Johnny Green then reminded students to put on their courteous game face for the folks watching ESPN, which will be hosting its College GameDay preview show from Auburn. "Let's remember to have a great time, enjoy the weekend's activities, watch our language and behavior, and display class, taste, and character in everything we do."

Auburn is currently 3-0 and ranked ninth, so it's unclear why students think they have so much to complain about. Perhaps they're Philly-Eagles fans in training?