Southern Mississippi Fraternity Evicted After Hazing Probe

Two female students were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after a Kappa Sigma event.

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At the University of Southern Mississippi, 19 members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity were kicked out of their house Friday after the chapter's charter was revoked and the house was closed following an investigation of hazing, the Student Printz reports.

Two female students who were attending a welcome event for little sisters—friends or girlfriends of active fraternity members—were transported to a local hospital for alcohol poisoning two weeks ago. One was released the next day and the other, who had blood-alcohol content of 0.47, remained in hospital for days.

The fraternity members were unable to secure housing on campus because of a housing crunch, and most are now living in off-campus apartments, according to the Printz, which had no comment from the group.