Foreign Students 'Shocked' by Black College

The two students didn't realize they'd enrolled in a black school. Neither seems to mind now, though.

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As if studying abroad wasn't enough culture shock already, two European international students arrived at North Carolina Central University this fall to find out to their surprise that they had unwittingly enrolled at a historically black university, the Hilltop reports.

"As I was looking at the pictures on the website, I noticed there were only black people," said Bernard Schmid, who studied at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. "So I guessed that the white people were the minority. It was a culture shock."

Martin Skogmalm, who studied at the University of Växjö in Sweden, had a similar reaction. "The first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of black people here," he said. "I got a really big shock."

He continued. "I thought, 'I'm at an all-black school and I'm going to be the only white person here.' But I like it. The people are really nice and I think this is going to be a good year."