Some at UNC Object to Antiabortion Display

Critics say the $5,000 allotted by student government to the event is too much.

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The University of North Carolina student government is under fire for funding a large photo display of aborted fetuses, the Daily Tar Heel reports. The student government has allotted $5,000 for the Carolina Students for Life event. That amount puts the event in the same financial category as large concerts and speakers of national profile.

"I mean, it's probably on the higher end, but it's not uncommon," a former representative said. "Last year, I think we spent $20,000 on Boyz II Men, which hadn't had a hit since before I hit puberty." Other events the student government has funded include last year's homecoming concert featuring Augustana and former Attorney General John Ashcroft's 2006 speech. Each of those events got $10,000 from the student government.