Aaron Sorkin to Write a Facebook Movie

According to Facebook group, film will focus on site's beginnings.

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Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, is going to write a Facebook movie. Really. Sorkin announced his project on Facebook itself (how meta!) and has been fielding ideas from his adoring audience. The film will focus on the creators of the site, and my guess is it will feature the ominous dealings of a now extremely rich Mark Zuckerberg, hopefully played by someone like Jason Schwartzman or Michael Cera. But do me a favor, Sorkin. No mention of Jolt cola, please.

In other Facebook news, universities will begin experimenting with the site to send out emergency alerts to students. Maryland and UCLA are already working on projects, while Iowa, Texas, Florida State, and North Carolina have at least talked about it. Officials hope that the networking sites will not only allow the school to reach out to students but also allow students to report security concerns back to the school more easily.