Central Florida's Swaying Stadium Gets Support

Fans jumping to "Kernkraft 400" prompts officials to stiffen stadium's support beams to reduce movement.


Zombie Nation's song "Kernkraft 400" is about to cost the University of Central Florida about $400,000 in construction costs, the Central Florida Future reports. Students jumping and dancing in synchrony to the late-'90s techno hit was causing the school's brand-new, 45,000-person football stadium to sway at every game, earning the stadium the nicknames "The Trampoline" and "Bouncehouse."

The school, which will be responsible for about 25 percent of the cost, is now working to stiffen support beams in the stadium end zones by welding extra steel to the bottom of the beams and girders. By reducing the sway 50 percent, UCF hopes to improve "fan comfort" and ease the anxieties of the more sedate fans. Stadium officials say that the swaying is not a safety or structural concern.

If a Central Florida stadium malfunction story seems familiar, you might be thinking of last year's water shortage nightmare. During the stadium's first game ever, 18 students were hospitalized for heat exhaustion, in part because the structure had no water fountains. The school quickly installed fountains.

As for "Kernkraft": Students can rest assured that the song will still be played, albeit less frequently.