What College Rankings Tell Us About Veep Candidates

Probably not much, but we ranked them anyway.


If Obama's VP options were college rankings, who would be at the top of the list? Because U.S. News doesn't have one giant, combined ranking of all the different types of schools, it's tough to directly compare the candidates and their undergraduate alma maters—but I'm doing this highly irrelevant list anyway.

Hillary Clinton—who most people say is out of the picture but is included for comparison's sake—tops the list with #4 Wellesley. Yes, liberal arts colleges are very different from national universities, but Wellesley is so high on that list that we're gonna give her the top spot.

In the middle of the list, it's a dead-even race between Evan Bayh and Joe Biden, both at #71, but it's new contender Chet Edwards who gets the national university edge (at #64).

Lastly, Kathleen Sebelius's college falls into the much smaller master's university (north) category, but that school's Tier 4 placement isn't doing her any favors.

Now it's time to wait and see the predictive quality of college rankings.

  • New York Sen. Hillary Clinton
  • #4 Wellesley College (Liberal Arts Colleges)
    • Texas Rep. Chet Edwards
    • #64 Texas A&M University (National Universities)
      • Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh
      • #71 Indiana University (National Universities)
        • Delaware Sen. Joe Biden
        • #71 University of Delaware (National Universities)
          • Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine
          • #96 University of Missouri (National Universities)
            • Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
            • Unranked Trinity University in Washington, D.C. (Tier 4 master's university)