Arizona Affirmative-Action Ban Off Ballot

The secretary of state determined almost 140,000 signatures were invalid.


An anti-affirmative-action ballot initiative in Arizona—one similar to those passed in California, Michigan, and Washington—hasn't collected enough valid signatures to go on the ballot, Secretary of State Jan Brewer said Thursday. Brewer threw out 139,774 signatures for various reasons, leaving 194,961 valid signatures, short of the 230,047 necessary to bring a proposed state constitutional amendment to a vote.

The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, which would ban the use of race- and sex-based preferences in state-run universities and other government agencies, was spearheaded by Ward Connerly, the same man who lobbied for such proposals in California, Michigan, and Washington and is working on similar measures in Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska.

Supporters of the initiative in Arizona plan to appeal the secretary of state's decision next week.