Yale Student to Bring Her 'Tiny House' to Campus

Grad student built 8 by 18 foot uber-green house and plans to live in it while taking classes.


With $11,000, a Yale grad student is building a house and bringing it with her to campus, the Hartford Courant reports. An incoming student at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Elizabeth Turnbull has built an 8 by 18 foot "Tiny House" atop a flatbed trailer. The space has a mini-sleeping loft, a storage loft, a study nook, a kitchen area, a living area, and a bathroom—and was built as environmentally friendly as possible.

It is completely solar-powered and is made almost completely from green, recyclable, used, and leftover parts. Think: recyclable aluminum roof, recycled sailboat sails for ceilings, soy insulation, and leftover fixtures, tiles, lumber, and hardware.

University and New Haven officials are still working out the details on where to place Turnbull's home.