Florida Proposal Would Ban Drinking Games

Kegs also are prohibited under revised student code of conduct.

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Quick on the heels of its "honor" as Princeton Review's top party school, the University of Florida announced a proposal to revamp the university's alcohol and drug policies, the Independent Florida Alligator reported. The student code of conduct may be amended to ban the possession of "common source containers" such as kegs, minikegs, and beer balls. The proposal also would prohibit "any extreme alcohol consumption activity that constitutes, facilitates, or encourages competitive, rapid, or excessive consumption of alcohol." That includes drinking games, keg tipping, and alcohol luges (aka. ice luges, which are best served with peppermint schnapps). Inside Higher Ed adds that "keg standing" would be prohibited, which is interesting only because I've never seen "keg stand" used as a verb before.

All these regulations would apply to off-campus housing, although school officials say they do not intend to go after off-campus kegs unless the students were part of a UF group, sorority, or fraternity, or if a serious incident occurred.

The university's Board of Trustees will consider the proposal in September.