Berkeley Football Coach Was UC's Top Earner

Jeff Tedford, whose team collapsed at the end of 2007, made $2.8 million last year.

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University of California-Berkeley's football coach, Jeff Tedford, was the highest-paid employee of the UC system last year, raking in $2.8 million, the Daily Californian reports. That places Tedford easily in the top 10 highest-paid coaches, although still behind college football's top earners, Les Miles from LSU and Nick Saban from Alabama, who both make about $4 million. Unfortunately for Cal, Tedford's team ended up seventh in the Pac-10 with a record of 7-6, making each victory worth $400,000. Bears: Think you got your money's worth?

The rest of the UC system's top 10 is filled with athletic coaches and health officials from UC-Berkeley, UCLA, and UC-San Francisco. The new Berkeley chancellor, Robert Birgenau, made $430,116—not enough to put him in the top 10.