Three Penn State Bars Face Scrutiny

City Council debates what should happen to establishments some consider a nuisance.

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Three Penn State bars owned by one company have come under scrutiny as "nuisance bars" after the state liquor board earlier this month voted against renewing the company's liquor license while a number of incidents requiring police presence continue to harry the establishments, the Daily Collegian reports.

The bars have come to the attention of the State College Borough council recently. Council members mostly agreed that problems exist but said that the company should be given a chance to clean up its act. "All I know is that it is kind of a nuisance for the State College Police because they spend a lot of time on calls to it," said one council member. "I think there is a case for pulling the license, even though I hate to see it happen to them." The attorney for the company that owns the bars did not respond to the Collegian's call for comment in time for the story.

Just this weekend (in the middle of the summer, no less), four people were charged with offenses ranging from underage drinking, disorderly conduct, and harassment to various combinations of the three at one of the bars in question. That bar, Lulu's, according to the Collegian, also has faced several liquor code violations before and was the site of a fatal stabbing in 2006, when it was known as Club Love.