Anti-Drinking Policies Called Futile

Penn State and Iowa students weigh in on local attempts to curb underage drinking.

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Seems that any and all plans to curb underage drinking are pretty ineffective, according to students. At Penn State, where the Greek life director has recently banned freshmen from summer fraternity events, students are in basic agreement that the new policy is "ridiculous," as one person put it. "There's too many freshmen here to control and stop from going to frats," the Daily Collegian reports.

Meanwhile at the University of Iowa, a statewide keg-registration law designed to prevent underclassmen from getting their hands on 15.5 gallons of pressurized beer is "not stopping anything," according to one student, the Daily Iowan reports. The law, which requires stickers with the ID of who bought the alcohol to be placed on the keg itself, has not slowed sales; its lack of success has been partially blamed on lack of enforcement.