Humans Take Sides in Cat-Vs.-Coyote Turf War

Cal State-Long Beach officials want to get rid of 150 feral cats, while activists want to target the coyotes.

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Up to 150 feral cats have called the sprawling Cal State-Long Beach campus home for decades, but a pair of hungry coyotes has threatened their existence, the Los Angeles Times reports. Not only have the coyotes left a trail of dead felines in their wake, but now university officials want the cats removed, blaming them for attracting the coyotes in the first place.

In response, cat lovers have begun protesting the university's plan, saying it is the coyotes that should be removed, and have brought their criticisms to the streets—waving handwritten "Save the Cats" signs at motorists driving by the school's entrance. "[The cats] are spayed and neutered," said the head of the campus animal assistance program. "Why would you kill perfectly healthy cats just to save two coyotes?"