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June 2008

Most Commencement Speeches Remain Apolitical

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It's Campaign 2008 and commencement season, so where have all the politicians gone?

The current president and high-ranking government officials aside, the 2008 graduation lineup has been conspicuously absent of prominent figures from the campaign trail. Of the three candidates still viable late in ...

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Obama, Barack
Washington University in St. Louis
Northwestern University
Wesleyan University
University of Michigan
Tufts University
Blair, Tony
Indiana University
Gore, Al
Matthews, Chris
2008 presidential election

Commencement = Student Discontent

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You know commencement season is underway when you begin to hear the distant chatter of entitled children complaining, "Not important enough" or "Not famous enough."

Harvard students have taken the entitlement cake this year, with some students dissing their Class Day speaker, J.K. Rowling. The ...

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Harvard University
Northwestern University
University of Georgia
Washington University in St. Louis

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