Florida A&M Regains Accreditation

With the help of a new president, the school gets its act together after a year on probation.


Florida A&M had its accreditation reinstated last Thursday, just less than a year after it was put on probation for "significant problems" in its finances and administration, the Famuan reports. One hundred students, faculty members, and staffers gathered to hear the news, and the announcement was met with "shouts of 'Hallelujah' and 'Thank you.' "

The celebration follows months of dark times at the university—a result of years of mismanagement that came to a head during a 2007 state audit, which cited an inability to reconcile bank accounts, pay employees on time, or account for missing property, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Losing accreditation would have affected federal financial aid and the ability of Florida A&M students to transfer to other schools.

At least one student was more concerned about the school's status than about her own graduation. "Thank God, my degree will be accredited," she said. Because what good is a diploma if it's at a school with absolutely no credibility?