Kansas Sues Retailer Over Unlicensed Gear

Store is major seller of controversial "Muck Fizzou" shirts.

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In what may be part of its continuing battle against "Muck Fizzou" paraphernalia, the University of Kansas is suing local retailer Joe-College.com, saying the store is infringing on school's trademark by printing shirts that reference Kansas athletics, the University Daily Kansan reports. The store—which openly notes on its website that it sells unlicensed goods—markets clothing and goods with the controversial "Muck Fizzou" chant (a reference to Kansas rival Missouri and also a phrase that was banned by ESPN), along with other insidery and sometimes vulgar Jayhawks(ish) gear.

Sounding much like Minnesota officials distancing their school from a Victoria's Secret collegiate line, a Kansas spokesman said the store's shirts were inconsistent with the university's brand message. "What we are looking to do is to protect our registered mark and protect the good name and good will of the University of Kansas."