University of Iowa Sends Sandbags Downriver

Officials expect class to resume Monday, although many buildings are still flooded.

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* Now that the height of the flooding has passed, University of Iowa is sending 250,000 dry sandbags to southeast Iowa to prepare for the rising river levels that just surged through the campus over the weekend, the Daily Iowan reports.

More than a dozen buildings are still flooded at the UI campus, and officials expect it to take weeks for flood conditions to abate. The school hopes to resume classes next Monday.

The closest damage estimate so far was "in the millions," with researchers saying $50 million worth of technology, which could not be disassembled and moved, could be affected on just the first floor of one lab building. And although the library and art museum were affected, almost nothing of value was damaged because books were carried to higher ground and $300 million in artwork was sent to an undisclosed location in Chicago.

* A week since an F-4 tornado wreaked $22 million worth of havoc upon Kansas State University, campus officials have given priority to making repairs that would prevent rain damage and clearing debris for students to walk safely, the Kansas State Collegian reports. The university president expects all buildings and facilities to be running by August 15.