Arizona State Cuts 3 Sports

Men's wrestling, tennis, and swimming are dropped because of budget cuts.


Last month, Arizona State University discontinued three sports—wrestling, men's tennis, and men's swimming—because of budget cuts, saving the school $1 million, according to the State Press, the university's student newspaper. About 70 students will be affected, and six full-time coaching positions will be cut.

Not all was lost, though: The teams were given the opportunity to return if they could raise enough money on their own to fully endow themselves. The wrestling team met its $8 million endowment in a week (bake sales and car washes?) and was reinstated indefinitely. The other two teams—along with the cheer team, which was combined with the marching band spirit squad in early May—continue to campaign for more cash, keeping Facebook and the Internet aflutter with requests for support.

Students who received athletic scholarships will continue to receive aid— which is little consolation to those who came to the school with near-singular purpose. "They came to swim," said an ASU swimming coach. "Really, staying isn't an option if there's no men's swim team."