Wash. U. Students Turn Backs to Phyllis Schlafly

Protesters were criticizing the college giving her an honorary degree.


Hundreds of Washington University in St. Louis graduates and some faculty turned their backs in protest as Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist, received an honorary degree at the school's commencement ceremony Friday. Although the number of protesters was a small percentage of the 14,000-person crowd, the audience was mostly quiet as Schlafly received her degree and some faculty even left the stage to turn their backs. The protest had been planned.

Schlafly is most notorious for her "anti-feminist" views on marital rape and sex education classes, and the anti-Schlafly Facebook group is 3,300 people strong. Schlafly's response? Her critics are "a bunch of losers." She adds: "Get a life. Move on. Try to do something with your life."