White Valedictorian Makes Morehouse History

His classmates at the black college nicknamed him "Tom Cruise."


A white college valedictorian is nothing much to blog about, unless he went to Morehouse, the only all-male, historically black college in the country. Joshua Packwood (4.0 GPA) made history as the first white valedictorian in the 141-year history of Morehouse.

Packwood certainly wasn't the school's first white student, but he eventually became an "unlikely ambassador for the school." He was voted dorm president as a freshman and was a Rhodes scholar finalist. He was popular and nicknamed "Tom Cruise," perhaps before there was any debate whether this was a compliment or an insult.

"Josh Packwood is Morehouse," the college's president said in a February speech. "He happens to be Euro-American and brings much appreciated diversity to our campus."