Wisconsin Cancels 'Sex Toys 101' Event

Was it a standard school policy or the racy fliers that doomed the lecture?


A University of Wisconsin Law School "Sex Toys 101" talk was shut down by the school, and the event organizers—who say the event was an attempt to promote safe alternatives to sex and discuss laws concerning sex toys—are not happy about it, the Badger Herald reports.

The official reason the seminar was canceled was that policy "prohibits the promotion or sale of commercial products by a private company." But many students suspect it's possible that the event's racy fliers had something to do with it, too. Accompanied by a photo of wrists in shackles, one advertisement asks: "Finals got you tied up at the library all night? Wouldn't you rather be tied up at home?" The other, littered with photos of sex toys, is probably too scandalous for me to repeat.

The two sides have sort of worked out their differences: Event organizers filed a complaint—asking for reimbursement for the event. The school complied but hasn't backed down from its claim that the cancellation was policy related, not necessarily a matter of taste. Meanwhile, the inevitable First Amendment discussion lingers. Says a political science professor: "The larger question to be asked is to what extent can the Law School set reasonable limits on presentations that advocate certain sexual practices because they have an interest in basic decency."

Blah, blah, blah. Why can't they just kiss and make up and color in pictures of male and female genitalia with rainbows like they do in Kansas?