Trail Mix: This Week's Protests Edition

Students protest at Youngstown State University, Webster University, Michigan State University, and at Evergreen State College.

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• I seem to recall that there is in fact a Republican running for president out there, and he has been touring Democratic strongholds in the shadow of the Pennsylvania primary this Tuesday. One stop was at Youngstown State University, where he held a town hall meeting to discuss jobs and the economy—and where he was also greeted by a horde of protesters, many criticizing his stance on NAFTA and disconnect with the working class.

• Students at Webster University have rallied around a former resident adviser after the school fired him, evicted him, and revoked his meal plan, the Journal reports. His troubles began after he allegedly stole a sandwich from a school eatery. Two weeks later—after another pseudo run-in with the law—he was fired. The student declined to comment for the Journal's article.

After the firing, the ex-RA's girlfriend organized a protest, which 30 people attended last week despite the rain.

• Concerned over a number of recent reported incidents on Michigan State's campus, 35 protesters gathered to speak out on what they say is an ongoing problem of racism and sexism on campus, the State News reports.

• Not technically a protest (yet), but members of Students for a Democratic Society at Evergreen State College in Washington are crying foul after the school suspended the group for violating a recent on-campus-concert ban. Five hundred students, faculty, and staff members signed a petition to lift the group's suspension.