Yale Threatens to Ban Art Project

Student must admit that controversial display was a work of fiction.


An update on the crazy Yale art project: School officials say they will not allow Aliza Shvarts to unveil her project at the art school's official reception unless she admits—in writing—that the entire work was a ruse, the Yale Daily News reports.

Shvarts would have to admit her project did not actually include the graphic acts that she had first described and that she did not try to inseminate herself and induce miscarriages. She also must promise that no human blood will be displayed in her exhibit.

No matter what happens, Yale has been backed into a Catch-22. The project—which has drawn more press inquiry to the school than any other incident since the admission of a former Taliban diplomat in 2006—will, if unveiled, encourage further media scrutiny. However, if the display is taken down, the school will very likely face criticism for the suppression of free expression.

The school also disciplined two unknown faculty members for displaying "serious errors in judgment" in their roles in the project.