Tibet Tops This Week's Protesting Schedule

Duke, NYU, Columbia, East Carolina, and Southern Mississippi all chimed in.

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This week, students demonstrated against sweatshops, sex trafficking, the Iraq war, and meal plan rollover. But, most of all, students across the nation have caught the "Free Tibet" bug—holding rallies and vigils to protest human-rights abuses in Tibet. At East Carolina University, the religious studies department held a teach-in, while the Amnesty International chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi led a candlelight vigil Tuesday. In New York, Columbia and New York University students flooded Union Square to join a larger mob of protesters. And at Duke University, a quiet vigil turned into a large pro-Tibet march, which then spawned an equally large pro-China counterprotest—a tumult filled with anthems, chants, flags, high-minded rhetoric, and lots and lots of wasted paper (aka fliers).