Mukasey Draws Ire of Boston College Law Profs

Attorney general's stance on waterboarding conflicts with school's principles.

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Faculty and students from the Boston College Law School are together protesting the choice of U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey as this year's commencement speaker, the BC Heights reports. The faculty members critical of the speaker choice—who call the attorney general's views on waterboarding in "conflict with basic principles of international and domestic law, the ideals of Boston College Law School, and the Jesuit principles that underlie Boston College's educational mission"—have petitioned both the school administration and Mukasey himself to stop the event as planned.

"A commencement speaker is someone held up to the students and the world as an embodiment of the school," said a BC law professor. "It strikes me as very problematic that the school has invited a commencement speaker who refuses to acknowledge that waterboarding is a form of torture."