Ron Paul to Visit Penn State

Despite the odds, the College Libertarians are still keen on the dark-horse Republican candidate.

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Responding to "more [demand] than we can keep track of," Ron Paul and his campaign will rumble into Penn State April 11 for a speech by the Republican presidential candidate, the Daily Collegian reports. He will address "freedom and the Constitution" in his visit—one long anticipated by his supporters in Penn State's College Libertarians group.

Students all over the political spectrum are eager to see the Texas congressman in person—out of either curiosity or admiration—and his supporters continue their optimism over his long-shot candidacy. "Even though a lot of people like to ignore it and think that John McCain is a shoe-in, a lot of things could happen between now and November," said the vice president of the College Libertarians. "Presidential candidates have dropped out of the race for all sorts of reasons."