Candidates Descend on Pa. Campuses

Penn State, Temple, and Pitt get a taste of the Democratic campaigns.

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For the next five weeks, it will be Pennsylvania's turn under the political spotlight. Lots of candidate visits, lots of advertising, lots of media attention. On college campuses, the onslaught has already begun. The youth vote favors Sen. Barack Obama, but that hasn't stopped Hillary Clinton from making visits at Temple University and near the University of Pittsburgh.

The end of spring break at Pitt also didn't stop thousands from showing up at the Friday rally (although the crowd was noticeably noncollegiate), while Pittsburgh's young mayor (at 28, the youngest of a major U.S. city) endorsed the senator from New York (her crusade against student debt ain't bad, either).

At Penn State, campaigns for both Democratic candidates are setting up headquarters on campus this week in a push for unregistered voters. And if sales of cardboard cutouts are any signal—Obama has sold three; Clinton, none—Obama-mania has at least partially caught on at State College, too.