Google Pulls Ads from Juicy Campus Gossip Site

The site's offended sororities, fraternities, and student governments coast to coast.

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Anyone who's anyone knows that is the anonymous college gossip site that has allegedly been ruining lives coast to coast. Student governments have tried to ban it (Pepperdine and Texas Christian University, to name a few), and sororities, newspaper columnists, and university administrators have called it "repulsive" and "classless," as well as the "pinnacle of depravity."

Yet while fiery rhetoric may only be helping JuicyCampus attract visitors, Google, which removed its ads from the site, may actually hurt it. TCU's Daily Skiff reports the search giant pulled its ads "because the Web site violated Google's terms of use." No word yet on what that specifically means, but coeds around the nation who have been JuicyCampus targets are clearly rejoicing.