Class Resumes at Northern Illinois

The school has provided counselors to all classrooms.

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At Northern Illinois University, Geology 101: Intro to Ocean Science—the class where five students were fatally shot by a gunman who later killed himself—on Tuesday had its first session since the shooting two weeks ago. The return may have been bittersweet. Monday was the first day back for many courses, and for at least one student who walked out of a lecture, that return to class just "didn't feel right."

But normalcy is what many of the students sought—and to be among their peers, who are all going through the same thing. "I will feel a lot better when I see some of my classmates and my professor," another student said.

  • The school has provided all classrooms with counselors for the past two days and will continue to provide them for the ocean science class for the remainder of the semester.
    • Because of the overwhelming response the school has received for fundraising and manufacturing requests, NIU will not sell memorial items referencing the February 14 shooting.
      • Support continues to pour into the DeKalb, Ill., campus: from Virginia Tech and in the form of abundant cookies (55,000) and ribbons (40,000).