Yale Women's Center Demands Change Over Sign

The center says fraternities create a misogynist culture on the campus.


Yale University's Women's Center is gunning for just about everyone in its response to a photograph showing Zeta Psi fraternity-affiliated students with a sign directed at the Women's Center that read, "We Love Yale Sluts," the Yale Daily News reports. The photo was posted on Facebook in January and has since inspired outrage, the threat of a lawsuit, an apology, and indignation. Reconciliation does not seem imminent.

The Women's Center has submitted a list of demands to the school administration, which include disciplinary action for all fraternity-affiliated people involved in the photo, along with an increase in resources for the center, an overhaul of the sexual-harassment and sexual-assault education policies on campus, and the establishment of an "official institutional relationship" between the university and its fraternities.

The center's report also outlines the ways the fraternities allegedly create a misogynist campus culture through party themes and the targeting of freshman girls. "We'd like to see a greater awareness on campus that misogyny exists," one Women's Center coordinator told the News. Hopefully, out of this awareness, we'll see this issue decrease."

In response, fraternity leaders have suggested an interfraternity council as a stand-in liaison for the Women's Center's suggestions, while university officials continue to look into the center's demands.