When Activists and Valentine's Day Collide

There's been a proliferation of pro-gay-marriage demonstrations lately.

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Paper Trail did little to "celebrate" last week's Valentine's Day, but we have noticed that lodged between the tips on surviving that evening and acknowledging National Condom Week (still in progress) there's been a proliferation of pro-gay-marriage demonstrations.

The University of Central Florida had a mass (20 person) make-out in the center of campus to protest a proposed Florida amendment that would oppose gay marriage, the Central Florida Future writes. Penn State had its own KissOut, while the Rutgers lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community held its Queer Cupid Party.

At George Washington University, the pro-gay-marriage Allied in Pride student group held a similar event and encouraged participants to pose for mock wedding photos and get "hitched" under a wedding arch. The school's conservative Young America's Foundation group, meanwhile, defended the "traditional" definition of marriage and dispensed wedding cake and doses of "information regarding the left's attack on marriage" to passersby.