Three Dead After Shooting at Louisiana Technical College

A woman shot two students in a classroom, then herself.


A woman shot and killed two female students and then herself in classroom at Louisiana Technical College, a vocational school in Baton Rouge, the Associated Press reports. Around 20 students were in the second-floor room during the shooting, which occurred about 8:30 a.m. Friday.

"About 8:36 a.m., we began receiving multiple phone calls from inside Louisiana Technical College...multiple calls from cellphones, saying shots were being fired, people had been shot."

Police were there within four minutes and ran into the building. "There was mass pandemonium, people running. One officer—the first into the classroom—told me he could still smell gunpowder."

Students were instructed to stay in their classrooms for about two hours before being released, one student said.

There are no details on the women’s names or ages or what course was being taught at the time.

The school has provided on-site counselors and cancelled class for the remainder of the day.