Super Tuesday on Campus

Students got their voting shoes on Tuesday—a day filled with trials, tribulations, brawls, and celebrity.

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Confusion reigned as students and locals flooded the polls at Stanford. Hundreds of voters waited up to two hours to cast their ballots, standing in lines stretched around the corner and down the street. The day wasn't all bad, though. "I'm glad I had the opportunity to vote," said one student, "but they didn't even give me a sticker."

Caucusing University of Minnesota students faced similar problems—crammed into "broom closets" and pushing the limits of fire safety. "I'm sure people were just discouraged."

Howard University is using the entire week to hype students up to vote in the upcoming Potomac region primaries; Super Tuesday's mock election crowned Obama winner.

At Harvard University, College Democrats and the Republican Club got at it in their annual "paintball brawl" (Republicans won).

Forest Whitaker visited the University of Colorado-Boulder Monday to support Obama. The actor's visit was an opportunity for vote activists to explain the complicated caucus process—using Whitaker movies as stand-ins for candidates in a mock caucus. Apparently, students did not like Phone Booth or The Crying Game.