Washington Says No to Obama-rama

Students are upset after Washington University officials denied Obama a visit to the school.

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Washington University in St. Louis recently denied Sen. Barack Obama a February 2 visit, citing concerns about its tax-exempt status, the Student Life reports. "In order to open our doors to one candidate, we are obligated to open our doors to all candidates," said a school official. "In order to minimize disruptions, the university has made the decision [not to invite any candidates]."

This all-or-nothing approach has upset a number of students, most of whom support Obama. As is the trend these days, disappointed students formed a Facebook group—now at least 1,000 members strong—to petition the school to bring the senator to campus. "I understand there are logistical hurdles and concerns about neutrality," said the student government president. "But at the same time, I was disappointed when I heard the decision. Hosting Barack Obama could have been a great opportunity for both the school and the students."