Too Much Love for Clinton at UC-Santa Barbara

Students are turned away from her campaign event; pandemonium ensues.


Hillary Clinton's visit to the UC-Santa Barbara campus was in some ways a typical campaign visit. According to the Daily Nexus coverage, she talked extensively about immigration, universal health insurance, Iraq, global warming, etc. She stayed for a question-and-answer session and cracked jokes at the expense of the Bush administration.

"Every time I think I cannot be outraged by the Bush administration anymore...I'd yell at my TV set. You couldn't write this stuff. I mean, the vice president shoots someone in the face?"

But the enthusiastic audience at the last-minute event was perhaps a little too enthusiastic: Only a third of the more than 3,000 who came were admitted, and pandemonium broke out when students attempted to rush the doors and get a seat.

In short, rumors flew, elbows were thrown, people were trampled, and lives were feared for. Even a gopher (the real rodent) came to see Clinton, adding to the hysteria before the speech. "There was a gopher that emerged from its hole and everyone went crazy."